We take Safety & Security issues very seriously. We expect our users to not encourage people to start arguments or discourage or bully

Security Controls

Users below 13 years of age (Children) are not allowed to signup for an account Their parent\guardian will need to sign up for an account and create a profile for their child.

Children below 13 years of age are restricted to perform any of the below mentioned actions, unless approved by their Parent\Guardian (by keying in 6 digit PIN)

  • Send Friends request
  • Accept Friends request
  • Chatting is provisioned only to chat with Friends
  • Create Group
  • Join an existing Group
  • Post Video or Image
  • Commenting on Posts

Never share your login password and PIN

Your login credentials are your very own. Never share personal information like passwords and Parental Authorization PIN. STEMergy support members will never ask for your password or PIN.If you think your Password or PIN is compromised, change your Password \PIN immediately. For assistance on how to change your password\PIN, please refer to our “Help” page.

Report Troublemakers

Don’t let anyone bully you. If anyone is not giving you privacy or is harassing you, inform us right away. Report your problems to

Flag inappropriate videos or images

If you come across any Video and or Image that is inappropriate, report it to us by clicking on “Report” icon on the posted Video\Image. We advise not to encourage such people by replying to them. Just let us know and STEMergy Security Admin will be glad to help.