What is STEMergy?

STEMergy provides Secure Educational Platform for STEM enthusiasts to connect, create, share and shine.

With STEMergy, scientifically-minded kids, teens, and young adults can get a huge boost for their passion. It’s a place where you can share your creations, ask pals for ideas and advice, and team up with fellow Makers to innovate collaboratively.

It’s your new idea think-tank, your place to share and show off, and where you can dive into your love for STEM. You’ll learn all kinds of cool stuff, and you’ll get the chance to be totally hands-on with lots of STEM projects/experiments.


Connect the world's STEM enthusiasts to get creative and innovative in the field of STEM.

Why STEMergy?

There are so many benefits to STEMergy, we think they speak for themselves:

1. It connects like-minded Makers who love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

You have a passion for innovation, which many of your friends at home might not share. STEMergy gives you a chance to connect with other Makers who are gung-ho for STEM.

2. It will enhance creativity

STEMergy encourages creative thinking and problem-solving with hands-on DIY STEM projects/experiments.

3. It saves money

Forget about buying new kits every time you want to explore something new. Instead, you can exchange kits with your project group members on the STEMergy platform, which saves you money.

4. It Encourages Collaborative Learning and Teamwork

STEMergy is all about collaboration. When you team up on the platform, you not only make connections, you will learn how to work efficiently with others and have fun doing it. Group members can even schedule meet-ups for their project group.

5. It’s Safe

STEMergy is a safe place for makers/creators/innovators of all ages, even for kids under 13 years old. There are built-in parental access controls for extra peace of mind.

With STEMergy, If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It

If you are a STEM enthusiast, you’re probably constantly questioning the world around you. You most likely wonder how things work, how to make them better, or how to build something to solve a problem.

STEMergy opens the door for you to get inspired, gather ideas, and create. You’ll collaborate with other smarties and come up with some really cool concepts.

After all, who knows? You and your group could end up inventing something awe-inspiring, novel, or even world-changing.

Get the STEMergy app today and dream up the possibilities – then get to work on making them a reality.