Key Features

  • Connect

    Connect with makers around the world who are passionate about STEM just like you

  • Collaborative learning

    Team up with other members, brainstorm ideas and bring them to reality

  • Makers Space

    Get your own space to show off your projects and learn from what others have made

  • Improvise

    Explore from hundreds of DIY STEM Projects and discover new Skills

  • Give-and-Take

    o Forget about buying new Project kits every time you want to get hands-on. Just exchange with your huddle\project group member

How it works

Connect with other STEM enthusiasts

With STEMergy, you are not alone. You can connect with STEM enthusiasts in your age group who love science just like you! It is fun sharing ideas and learning from others.We encourage closeness and bonding just as much as we encourage learning. Sharing and caring- that’s our motto!

Form your own Huddle

Start your very own group and invite your friends to join and pool their ideas and knowledge as well.The more ideas you share, the better will be your interaction and creativity.You can’t imagine how many ideas will come your way once you get started

Choose from Hundreds of DIY Experimental Kits

If you love Science, Technology, Math and Engineering, you will enjoy browsing our learning kits and bringing in your own ideas to share with your friends. You will discover so many things that you never imagined you knew.

Schedule Workshops with your Huddle members

When you create your own Huddle\Group and the Huddle has been populated with STEM enthusiasts, make sure to set up schedule for periodic Meetup where Huddle members can demonstrate their experiments . We provide flexibility for you to schedule sessions at your own pace and availability.

Exchange experimental kits with your huddle member

We understand that it’s a burden to keep buying new STEM kits each time. Go ahead and share your experimental kits with your huddle member. Please handle your kits just like the way you handle books from your library.

Share your creations and get peer feedback

Getting feedback and appreciation is desired by all. Share your experiments and see what your friends have to say. You might learn something from their feedbacks as well.

See what others have created

Surf through videos and view friend’s post to see what others have made.Encourage them by providing your feedback.If you have a different idea to make something different, don’t be shy off sharing your thoughts. There is no end to imagination.

Download STEMergy App

Download STEMergy App on to your mobile or tablet from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

If you are under 13 years of age, have your parent\guardian download the app and create a profile for you